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Recycling Your Old Copier? Do This First!

With information security on everyone's mind lately, it can be a challenge to make sure you've covered all the bases. Perhaps you've:

  • Stopped doing business via paper-based solutions and replaced them with digital document management

  • Backed up your data in an off-site cloud repository

  • Chosen scanning solutions with advanced data encryption

  • Developed a BYOD policy to keep your data protected on personal devices

  • Worked with your managed print services provider to make sure you're not facing any print security vulnerabilities

While all of those are steps in the right direction, there's still one less obvious threat that could put your data at risk.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Your managed print services provider has your fleet running like a finely-tuned workflow support partner. In the meantime, a department manager decides to do the right thing and recycle the old desktop system he's been relying on for the last five years or so. While we admire his commitment to the environment, he may be putting your information at risk. Here's why:

Today's copiers rely on internal hard drives to deliver the highly-functional digital workflow solutions businesses depend upon every day. Much like a computer, these devices retain a digital image of every document that passes through them. During recycling, end-of-lease scenarios, service events, or any other situation where your device leaves your location, you're faced with a print security issue.

Hackers are very aware that a hidden cache of valuable information is stored on your copier's hard drive, and they've developed surprisingly effective methods for acquiring what doesn't belong to them. To avoid this print security nightmare, simply make sure to remove, destroy, or scrub your device hard drive before it leaves your physical premises.

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