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Advantages of E-Waste Recycling

The advantages of e-waste recycling are by far a priceless boon to both man and environment. Below is a list of some of them.

  • Environmental restoration, order and safety: all forms of waste that has not been properly managed causes pollution. By recycling e-waste, we offer a new lease of life to the environment and nature we live in. This means that pollution is cut down and environmental conformity, order and cleanliness are restored;

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: when factories run during manufacturing, a lot of gases are casted out into the ambiance. But when goods are recycled, the frequency of manufacturing is reduced and hence gas emission levels are reduced;

  • Economic prudence: it is cheaper to recycle a product than it is to manufacture new ones. For instance, some electronics contain metal parts that remain intact even after the devices are spoiled or have become obsolete. Such parts, especially metals, can be reused. This means that billions of dollars are saved because the need to manufacture new parts is eliminated.

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