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Samsung MultiXpress X7400LX Color Laser MFP


The Samsung MultiXpress X7400LX is a high-performance color laser multifunction printer designed for businesses with high-volume printing needs.


  • Fast printing speeds
  • High-quality color prints
  • Versatile paper handling
  • User-friendly interface

    The Samsung MultiXpress X7400LX prints at an impressive speed, making it a great choice for businesses that need to print large quantities of documents quickly.

    In addition to its impressive speed, this printer delivers high-quality color prints with sharp detail and vibrant colors. Whether you're printing marketing materials or important documents, the Samsung MultiXpress X7400LX ensures that your printed materials look professional and polished.

    The printer also features versatile paper handling options, including the ability to print on a variety of paper sizes and types. This makes it easy to create custom print jobs tailored to your specific needs.

    Finally, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone in your office to use this powerful printer without any special training or expertise.

Samsung MultiXpress X7400LX Color Laser MFP

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